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Thursday, November 03, 2005


I can't sleep. My brain has been simultaneously playing Chess, Risk and Go all night. The Diplomat, The Gangster, and The Healer were having the most heated discussion. Oh, to be able turn off one's brain is such a blessing. I almost left the house to take a motorcycle ride to force my brain to shut off. I've recently been accused of living in a fantasy world. Actually, I'm okay with that. I do believe fantasy & reality, tragedy & comedy, extraordinary & ordinary, the macro & the micro and the tiger & the ox are all intertwined. I guess my biggest fear is the various ramifications of what the statement can also mean. Do I not always practice what I preach, am I superficial, am I selling out...even worse, am I a quack or hypocrite? Even worse yet, am I addicted to myself? (pause) I just remembered his kind face. A man who fought in a tank during World War II. "Just Be Who You Are...Just Be". Suddenly, everything just turned off. My heart is not racing. I think I can now get a couple of hours of sleep.

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