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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Suppose a pupil asks his teacher: 'What is this?' If the teacher scolds him and says: 'Do you mean to say you still don't know what it is?' he is definitely confusing the processes of cognition and evaluation. The pupil who asked the question was not asking for a judgement on his own competence. He was seeking information. The teacher who does not answer the pupil's real question but diverts his attention to something else is intimidating the child. If he thinks he is helping the child's comprehension he is mistaken...With a teacher of this kind, a poor pupil cannot help becoming an even poorer pupil. This kind of confusion-- in governmental offices, trading companies, and the factories of minor enterprises....In actuality, the confusion of cognition and evaluation has been forcing the world into various chaotic conditions."

Makiguchi, great Japanese educator
from Dayle M. Bethel's The Value Creator

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