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Saturday, October 29, 2005


My wife just found this picture in her office. She wondered what the hell I was doing. I remembered. You see, I was really into mixing art forms. I called it, "Equal Art Synthesis". And I was rather radical about it. One summer, when I was living behind my grandmother's house, I felt the art mixing urge. I had my artist friend Craig Klyver paint a huge avant-garde mural in my grandmother's backyard. I got one of my younger brother's high school buddies and co-struggling actor Crispin Glover to do a surreal dance in front of it. I shot it with my Bolex, doing all the editing in camera. I wrote some music for piano and reverb environment with Crispin saying funny sounding words like "loquacious". I called the mixed art piece "Lightly". I lent it to Mr. Glover in 1985 for his own personal screenings and it was unfortunately lost. My memory of it is all I have, but that's enough for me.

CRC sitting on top of a ladder giving Crispin some surreal direction.

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