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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Waiting for an ultra-fast VW Praeton to pick us up and take us to the VW party. Oldenburg is a town that loves to party into the wee hours, especially during their film festival.

I saw this display at the VW party. I remembered how sad I was when my father decided to trade our VW bus (which we drove around Germany when I was 6) for a brand new yellow convertible VW bug. I was really outspoken at the car lot. I tried very hard to keep my dad from making the deal. I think I was 7 or 8. Everytime my dad turned away, the VW salesman would flash me this spooky, venomous look. He really wanted to kill me. In the end, my dad made the trade.

Mr. Paine was documented and put on the wall.

Torsten Neumann showing off at the State Theatre. He really does a terrific job as the Oldenburg Film Festival director. We also discovered that he is the "James Bond Playboy" of Oldenburg.

Adrienne took it all in. It was her first time in Germany. She really liked it, even though she isn't a beer drinker.

I befriended the same bouncers that I befriended at last years Oldenburg Film Festival.

Both Nick and I had to make our own gin martinis. For some reason, they use way too much vermouth.

This was the best thing about our Casino night. These pig lighters are a big thing in LA. It was comforting to see that they were a big thing in Oldenburg as well.

I remember this organ grinder from last year. He told me that his street organ was over a hundred years old. That was cool. I told him he should get a real monkey. The stuffed one isn't working.

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