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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Birth of BC Xtreme Cake 001

I put all the organic, fresh ingredients out on the stage before I experiment.

I figured out what I thought would work in the raw yet would keep its distinctive personality while cooking for 2.65 hours at 300 degrees. I didn't want any one personality to over power another.

The big moment was at hand. It was important to set the proper mood for the BC Xtreme Cake 001 eating experience.

Flowers and Candles are always important!

Mr. Paine, Mr. Durazzo, Ironside via cell phone and Mrs. Coppola were the guests of honor. They shared their tasting experience on this audblog.

Biker Chef cut the cake, but was dressed in training mode.

Mr. Paine and Mr. Durazzo took a taste simultaneously.

After several helpings, Mr. Durazzo said, "No More. It's just too extreme."

CRC says...

This is the longest audblog I have ever posted. Unfortunately, Ironside's voice is distorted from two wireless phones competing. But, her powerful presence still comes through with some occasional choice comments. So, please be patient. I never re-do or edit an audblog. What you hear is spontaneous and not rehearsed.

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