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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Duke City Shootout Day 1

It was a very successful first day on all accounts. There's always chaos but Albuquerqeans and Los Angelenos manage to get it done. It's part of the process. As a mentor, I was thrilled with Doug Aarne's crew. Their enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, technical skill and respect for the process is making Mr. Aarne's dream come true. The man has a massive heart and Tom Sebastian and I are thrilled to be helping Mr. Aarne share his heart with the rest of humanity.

Deanna McDaniel and Jonas Hudson. Their smiles were infectious.

I really wanted to thank our soldiers. There's a similarity with a film crew. We weren't able to get a buglelist in time so my biker comrades Chickenbone and Mr. Slippery sang "Revelry" on a police car P.A. system. I thanked the ABQ police as well for protecting us during the creative process.

The 'I AM" crew thinking quickly so we could get the first shot. We had to make an impromptu bus stop sign. It worked great.

Mr. Doug Aarne as "Charlie" and Don the bus driver. Working people who understand what's really important in life.

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