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Monday, June 13, 2005


I made an appearance at my friends THE BREW FARMER and THE BREW WIDOW's big event on June 10th. Tracktor Brewing is also sponsoring the Biker Bonanza and The Duke City Shootout. We are honored. I was asked to say a few words. I think I said something about my recent trip to Cannes and how all the French bikers took care of me and made me feel at home despite the dank, snooty French anti-America climate. (What about the war debt my French friends, what about that?) Anyhow, I said I liked how bikers stick together. I needed all my fellow New Mexican bikers to show some support for what I believe is the greatest filmmaking festival on Earth. Sign up for the Biker Bonanza! Step right up! Help make the Duke City Shootout grow! Help make the new digital New Mexican Hollywood grow! Help spread creativity! Help bring Art to the People and Find the Artist within Us All!

I don't really know if anyone was listening or even cared. But, no matter, they were a very nice group of beer drinking bikers.

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