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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It's official. The June 7 deadline is gone and all the categories accept the Fellini Award are closed. The script submissions for this category were rather light probably due to all the current global anti-Americanism out there. I want the odds to be greater like the other categories. It makes it more fair. Remember, you have to be a citizen and resident of a foreign country for this category. This category will be officially closed on June 14.

We had a great turn out of scripts this year, much more than ever before. My very capable team at EARSXXI has put together a prelimiary reading group. The group is going through each and every script and rating them on a scale of 1-10. They will be judged for character depth, story, originality, short production feasibility and message value. Any script with a rating of 7-10 will move on to the next level. These scripts will be personally read by myself, Grub, Tony, Elyse, Deanna, Evelyn. We will pick the seven finalists for each category. We will pick them in terms of how well they represent the independent, creative spirit of our film festival. We will be looking for true voices, not Hollywood wannabes. These seven finalists of each category will be announced on the web page and be sent to our honorable script judges. The script judges will then choose the winning script which will be greenlit into production. Good Luck!

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