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Saturday, June 25, 2005

ABQarts Article

My son and I had a chat about art in his secret tree house fort. Considering the importance I hold for art and staying true to one's voice and vision, I thought I would share our conversation with our fellow man.

CRC: I've noticed you prefer to look at the cartoons that your mother and I looked at when we were your age, instead of the cartoons being made today.

BIC: Well, the cartoons today have all this fighting, and violence, and like they hate each other, and it's boring, and they talk too much.

CRC: So, what do you like about the older cartoons?

BIC: Well, there is not as much violence, and they don't talk so much about stuff that doesn't mean anything.

CRC: I see. Do you think there's a different kind of look to the cartoons though?

BIC: They're more abstract. There's more like, texture to the older ones, than today.

CRC: The older ones aren't as realistic. They're more like impressions of what we think are real. The cartoons today are almost hyper real, too real. They're kind of exhausting to watch sometimes, don't you think?

BIC: Yeah, they hurt my eyes sometimes.

CRC: Well, that's what is interesting to me about art, Bailey. To me, I don't have to like what the artist is saying, but if it's truthful to them, if they are being honest with their voice, I really respect that. It's when you see stuff that is coming from the same place, same commercial place, where everything looks the same like those violent cartoons today, I don't like that. And I am happy that someone your age feels the same. Because the more people create art that is truthful to them, the better off we all are.

BIC: I like making stuff in Black and White, because you don't see that around you and I think that is more true sometimes.

CRC: Exactly. When you create something like your paintings or when you write your flute music, what do think about, what do you start with?

BIC: Well, when I make music for the flute, I first play some notes that I like, than I write them on the paper in any order, then I play it, then I add more stuff.

CRC: Now, do you write music that you think people will like or do you write what you like?

BIC: It's what I like. I don't care really.

CRC: That's very important. Why do you think I like New Mexico so much?

BIC: Because it is the Land of Enchantment.

CRC: It's magical.

BIC: You said you like the light.

CRC: A lot of people have said that, but it's true. It makes things glow in a bluish radiant light. Have you seen that?

BIC: Yeah, in the great landscapes.

CRC: Do you like that I am helping out with the Duke City Shootout? What makes this film festival different than all the other ones you have been to with me?

BIC: Well, there's like bikers.

CRC: That's a big part of it, Bailey. But, what else?

BIC. They make movies?

CRC: That's right, we actually make films. We celebrate the creative process. The people are creating something together. And, to me, this is one of the most important things mankind can do. What do you like better, knocking down someone's sandcastle or building your own?

BIC: hmmm, both?

CRC: Yeah, that's a tough question. I like both too, but that's because we're boys. But, do you think people are knocking down sandcastles more than building them today?

BIC: Probably, knocking them down. Like those violent cartoons.

CRC: That's why I love this festival so much. It's about building sandcastles and the world needs this balance. Okay, now you ask me a question.

BIC: How do you feel about abstract, realistic and scientific art?

CRC: Whoa, Bailey. That's a pretty academic question. I like them all. They're like different paint brushes. You have to choose what's right for you. Like your stuff is more abstract, but it is very emotional and packs a punch. With me, I usually start with a philosophy or a little tone poem and often, a B-movie like "Attack of The Giant Leeches". However, music is my biggest influence. I want people to hear my films and see my music. I also use state of the art technology, that's why I have all this HD stuff around my company. That's also why we're using this new technology with the Duke City Shootout. You know what my dad told me?

BIC: What?

CRC: That "tech" in Greek, means "art". Pretty cool, huh?

BIC: Yeah.

CRC: Last question, what kind of painting would let me know how you feel about Albuquerque, New Mexico?

BIC: A sunset is coming down on all the desert land and cacti. I would use bright colors and use different brushes for different textures. The sun would be thick.

CRC: I like that. Can I give you my image?

BIC: Yeah.

CRC: A lone highway in black & white getting more and more narrow in the distance. But, there's a large, colorful carnival complete with Ferris wheel and rollercoaster looming in the distance.

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